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Special gourmet bites – Gelling Agent

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The agar-agar is a plant gelling agent: it is extracted from red algae of the Rhodophyceae class, mainly of the Gelidium or Gracilaria types. The Japanese have been using it for hundreds of years in their diet, and the agar-agar is an essential ingredient of the Okinawa diet.

These algae can come from various sources: the North African coast, Europe, Asia and Chile. Different origins and growing conditions produce agar-agar with different qualities and variable characteristics. The agar-agar is derived from red algae of the Gelidium genus. We have selected this agar-agar for its quality and its optimal properties. It presents itself in the form of an odourless and tasteless white powder.

Salmon skewers, green bean mousse

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Stir-fried beef with olives

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